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4 years ago

REST OAuth2.0

Hello, I am looking for help!

I want to port a working Postman test case using OAuth2.0 to SoapUI 5.6.0 Open Source. Same OAuth2.0 is configured and access token is obtained (Authorization Code Grant with redirect URL to login page); however, HTTPS GET simply goes to the redirect URL to login page, which defeats the access token. Maybe I missed something but I could not find any useful answer to this puzzle. I tried SoapUI 5.5.0 to no avail. Please shed light!


Re, Baohua

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    hey baohua 


    sounds like you have different redirect settings configured in Postman relative to SoapUI.


    if you look at the properties of your request (highlight request in your testcase and view bottom left frame) you'll see a 'Follow Redirects' switch currently set to 'true'.  Set to 'false' and this should fix your issue i reckon.






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      Hi richie,


      Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it shows 302 error with property "Follow Redirects" set to "false".

      HTTP/1.1 302 Found


      I checked Postman setting, "Automatically Follow Redirects - Follow HTTP 3xx responses" is true.


      One additional thing, Postman uses system proxy setting by default but how to set in SoapUI in its Proxy Setting?


      Re, Baohua