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7 years ago

REST Mock service returns 404 (dispatch error;missing response)



I am trying a really simple scenario, I've made simple REST Service - http://localhost:8089/test with GET operation defined.

Next I've made Mock Service for that service, with a sample response that returns 200 status, however, every time when I am trying to invoke the service I am getting 404 status and in Mock log error is logged: [dispatch error; missing response]

[dispatch error; missing response]

What is strange as well, by sending request on the root I am getting this html response:


<html><body><p>There are currently 1 running SoapUI MockServices</p><ul><li><a href="/test?WSDL">REST MockService 1</a></li></ul></p></body></html>


I am using SoapUi 5.3.0


Has anyone experienced this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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