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7 years ago

Resolving webservice using dns name and port 8080

Hi. I am new in this forum and need some help.

I am having some issues the my SoapUI version 5.3.0, on a Windows PC.


When creating a new soap project and using my URL http://rnpapp08:8080/IpasServices/IpasServices, I have no trouble using my methods; and getting results ok (image1).


But if I recreate the project using http://ws_ipas_marcas:8080/IpasServices/IpasServices where ws_ipas_marcas equals the IP of the rnpapp08 and this is registered in my Windows Host, the methods dont work.  They are resolving without my port 8080, when doing a request (image2).


I hope I got this explained; and some guide.