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10 months ago

Processing a request in batches?

Hi, I'm using Soap UI to create new tasks in a database.  When I send the requests, is it possible to control/"throttle" the amount processed at any one time so that I can avoid creating a time out on the receiving server?


At the moment I'm manually batching the requests by pushing around 300 update statements manually from a spreadsheet, but I wondered if there was a way to post (e.g.) 1,000 requests and have the Soap UI client batch them into 100 updates at a time with a subsequent delay to allow the receiving server to process the 100.


I was hoping the Preference setting "Chunking Threshold" might achieve this, but I have tried adding numeric values to this field and it doesn't seem to make any difference to how the data is processed.


Any guidance or help would be much appreciated.

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