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3 years ago

Possible to configure SOAPUI to automatically run specific test step when a Project is imported?



I have implemented a Groovy test step ("Setup Environment") (in a testcase/testsuite), in a project, that will prompt (via popups) the user to select some parameters (hostname, etc.) via UI dropdown, and then the Groovy code will construct some URLs and populate some project properties (which then get used in test steps' address bars).


So, now, when our testers test, they start SOAPUI, import the project (which contains the "Setup Environment" test step), then they have to run that "Setup Environment" test step manually.  Then, after that they can run some test suites, etc.


What I would like to do is that, when they import that project, that the "Setup Environment" test step should get executed automatically.


Is there a way to configure either the project, or SOAPUI, to do that?