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6 years ago

Pass values from soapui mock service to java tests


I am running a java automation project on maven. The application I am testing in my automation, has a call making to a third party interface. I have mocked this TPI in SoapUI and added in to my maven project.(Reference)


Now the test project starts the SoapUI mock service at the beginning and then my test start to run on the application. I was able to capture the request made by the Application Under Test to TPI, and also extract the values of interest.(Reference) I was even able to write them in to a file, for each request made.(Reference)


The challenge I am facing is how to transfer these values in to my java automation tests. Of course I can read the file created by the mock service and parse in to my java class run time. But wanted to see if that's possible avoid that.

Interested to see if the values can be passed from SoapUI project to java tests on run time, by using groovy or other java related scripting. Is there a way to accomplish this ?

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