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9 years ago

Parametrizing Endpoint, Resource/Method and paramter values in rest URL

I am new to Rest services testing!! Plz help on hw to parametrise the Endpoint, resource/method and paramters in rest URL. I want to pick the fully qualified application URL (ENDPOINT+RESOURCE/METHOD...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Gautam,


    Thats great! You've done well to work through it all and pick up he skills you need, I hoped you would! :-)


    I'm delighted if I've helped increase your faith in the community, whilst not everything gets answered, as most people are volunteers with other jobs etc, its great to hear positive things about it!


    Workaround sounds sensible - I have never actually reported a bug to the SoapUI team, I would have to ask Rao (nmrao) or one of the other community experts, I am actually relatively new to the community... I definitely think the HTTP url to uppercase issue should be easy to fix, whilst they may not see it as a bug, it is definately anooying and has come up before, so am happy to back you up if you want to report it. There is a feature request area, possibly a quick post in there and they can move it if not appropriate?


    One last thing, if you're happy that your original question is solved then please can you mark the question as solved?


    Nice working with you!





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    9 years ago

    Hi Rupert,


    Just FYI, i have raised request 00120907 for technical enquiry of the issue. If i receive any reply from the SOAPUI team, i will update on this,.