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8 years ago

OAuth2 Get Access token - Authorization login page not reach

Hi guys,


I am trying to get OAuth2 authorization working for my test cases but just couldn't figure out this.

I can reach the authorization endpoint via browser with the oauth parameters (clientid, scope, etc)

but when I click the Get Access Token buton on the Get Token panel, I can't reach the same endpoint. the Browser popup window is just hanging there. I suspected it is because of the proxy, but my other tests talking to the same host name could reach the server with the same proxy setting.


Just wondering where did I setup things wrong?


Also I am a bit confused about the redirect URI; in my understanding if I provide a redirect URI like
"https://localhost:3001/callback" then SOAPUI must have handled the port on the machine so that I can get the correct access token. But I don't see the SOAPUI is listening on the port as I tried it on browser and no response.


Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.





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