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6 years ago

MockService Response increasing with continuous load

Hi All,


We have created a mock service framework using SoapUI. We have written a custom Groovy class where response XML is getting created and the same response XML is being set as a mock response using context expansion in mock service script. We deployed the soapui project as war in tomcat and we are running the load test using these mocks. Mock response times are getting increases when load increased. I am not logging any comments.


Is this the expected behavior with SoapUI mock services when running load tests? Can someone please help me in resolving this response time increase issue?

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    Answering my own Question.


    After further analysis, I found that the reason for increased response times in memory leak and this memory leak is happening because of soapui dynamic property expansion. Instead of using soapui dynamic property expansion, I have used a Groovy template engine to replace the variables with values. This has resolved the problem.