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4 years ago

Loadtest doesn't run complete testcase



I have a testcase with 9 test steps (4 Rest requests, 2 groovy scripts and 3 property transfers). The testcase runs perfectly when i execute it manually from SoapUI but when i run the testcase from a loadtest only the first 6 steps are executed. I see no error messages in the SoapUI log. I have also created a similar testcase with 12 test steps which just runs fine from a loadtest. 

Does anyone have an idea why this particular testcase doesn't run from a loadtest?  I'm using the SoapUI open source version  5.5.0 Build Date: 20190211-1036.

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    Please check if you can split the test case into multiple.
    Avoid property transfers if using groovy scripts.
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    Try switching the Load test to use "Total Runs" rather than "Runs per thread".


    The potential issue is, if you're using property transfers or any scripting, if you're dropping this data to any property that isn't encompassed within that test case, and it's likely being shared with another thread. This can cause errors, having a variable that isn't locked by a particular thread.


    Hope this helps.