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6 years ago

Jenkins - SOAP UI 5.1.2 Maven Plu - Test count is doubled in slack notifications



I have integrated SOAP UI Tests in Jenkin using soapui-pro-maven-plugin (5.1.2)

When I runs jenkins job, it shows proper test count on Jenkins console. But in slack notifications, it shows test count as double.


Jenkins Console Output

SoapUI 5.1.2 TestCaseRunner Summary
Time Taken: 25638ms
Total TestSuites: 1
Total TestCases: 15 (0 failed)
Total TestSteps: 75
Total Request Assertions: 79
Total Failed Assertions: 0
Total Exported Results: 75

 Slack Notifications

Test Status:
Passed: 30, Failed: 0, Skipped: 0


I also tried with maven-soapui-plugin, but same issue is there. 

Can anyone please help me to sort this issue. Attached my POM.xml for reference.