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2 months ago

Import postman collections to SoapUi

We are trying to switch things over to soapUi and wondering if SoapUi 5.7.2 allows importing postman collections v2 & v2.1?

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  • I assume you're referring to the fact that when you try to import it, you get something like:

        net.sf.json.JSONException: JSONObject["requests"] is not a JSONArray.

  • As this is apparently open source, I would consider stepping through this code to see whether it's practical to fix. It's not clear exactly what open source components are in play here. I noticed both and . I don't see any sign in the soapui code of any way to import Postman collections (I've looked at a couple of different branches, including "release-5.7.2"). The plugin seems it could be where it's done, but I don't understand how that is integrated into soapui, and that is apparently for "Ready API", not the open source SoapUI. The plugin docs refer to an "Integrations" tab in SoapUI, which I don't see in 5.7.2.

  • It appears that SoapUI 5.7.2 comes with version 1.0.1 of the readyapi-postman plugin. That appears to correspond to a commit made 8 years ago. Is there any way to know what the compatibility matrix is? Would a more recent version of the plugin work with both the more recent postman versions and this apparently older soapui release?  I have a feeling no one who would have these answers is going to see this.