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8 years ago

How to use Groovy to set Status, Content-Length, Content-Type in the HTTP Response for a MockService

I promise I have genuinely tried and failed to find an answer both here and over on StackOverflow. I've seen a number of variants on my question but nothing where the answer is as simple as mockRespo...
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    8 years ago

    You can set an HTTP header by the code:


    mockRequest.httpResponse.setHeader('MyHeader', "HiThere;")

    Similarly you can set the Content-Length:




    BUT: further processing overrides your settings, e.g. the Content-Length with be the actual length of the response content.


    I assume you need to break standard mock processing and return the response by your own, e.g. as with this code in the OnRequest script:



    There is a conflict between our code and the standard mock processing (which normally has to do the settings). I am not aware yet, hot to tell SoapUI that it shall not override my values.