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    Consider storing the access token at higher level instead of test case level property i.e., either test suite or project level depending on your use case of reusing token.

    You will be able to access the token in your requests using ${#TestSuite#TOKEN} or ${#Project#TOKEN}, assuming toke is stored as respective level property TOKEN
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      I don't understand how to get access_token? I need use groovy script?



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        I should illustrate.

        I need access token for other testcases. I send this token to server side in header:






        SoapUI offers variant send it in header as:



        Authorization: Bearer HD4K9SM6SU3OG59T36GH136EK8CBDQVNR01ONQ9PAT4JP2



        But this variant is unsuitable for me.


        So I create teststep with request in which I get acess_token. Only acess_token which I transfer to other testcase.


        I think it is not good idea. Can you suggest me other variant how can I get acсess_token?