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3 years ago

How to set security parameter

I want to setup security test for rest based POST method.

My request looks like below

Then i add test suite for this method along with security test case.

While adding test param i see this pop-up.

I am expecting firstname and lastname as param meter name, Can anyone tell me what i am missing.

PFA for my project xml.


Kindly have a look at below endpoint and testsuite

Note : This works beautifully for get request.






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    I believe that you can add two case properties say, FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME


    And use them in the request as


      "Lastname"  : "${#TestCase#LASTNAME}",
      "Firstname" : "${#TestCase#FIRSTNAME}"

    And see if you can choose the above two properties.

    NOTE: haven't ever tried though.

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      Hi, Thanks for your reply.


      Could you please more specific on adding adding properties. Here is what i am doing with my soap project. 

      Adding custom properties in my test case and using them in my request. when i run the request i get exception in response(i guess request is not picking properties define at test case level)


      And i don't see them in my security test as param.


      Thanks in advance.