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16 years ago

HOW TO REMOVE test PROPERTIES via groovy script

Hi All,

  I cant find out how to use something like this: (to remove all properties on testCase level)

  for(prp in testCase.getPropertyList()) {
            testCase.removeTestProperty( prp );


---> except this  get PropertyList() function does not work too, and it has declaration in SOAP API 2.5.1 that I use. Can someone help me. Very greatfull.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    for( prop in {
      context.testCase.removeProperty( )

    Hope this helps, let me know,

  • Thank you.

        My fault was, that I tried to put the Object of property to remove function.

                  so correct way :      testCase.removeProperty( property_name );

      thank you .