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14 years ago

how to invoke java class from soap UI

i have to add some additional features in soap Ui by doing java code . but how to link the soap UI and Java code.or how to invoke the java class from soap UI tool. i have no idea on this.Can anyone provide me a soution for this?

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  • Read through this and see if it applies to what you are doing: ... oapui.html

    One thing hinted at in the article above but not spelled out is how to write a generic java class that can be used from Groovy Scripts within soapUI.
    Have a look here for a basic example of this here:

    Short simple answer is:
    1. Compile java code into a JAR file.
    2. Place JAR file in <soapui_program_dir>/bin/ext/
    3. (re)start soapUI.
    4. From groovy script import your java package and access your class(es).