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9 years ago

How to get soap mock response from external file!

I have soap request with ordernumber tag. I will be saving mock response with file name same as ordernumber value in request. How to get mock response of specific ordernumber request? There will be multiple users placing response file in same path with name of ordernumber value from request. They need to get their corresponding response only after hiting same mock URL. I am using free version of soapui .Thanks in advance.
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    9 years ago

    Sorry to interrupt Rup.

    The details helped Apoorva.


    And this is my first try on mocking, followed the video from the same link that I provided earlier.


    Here are the steps:


    1. Generate a SOAP Mock Service by right click on to the service that you intended ( I believe, you know it already, added this for those who not aware, and this is first time for me too)


    2. Selete the intended mock operation.

    • Choose SCRIPT for Dispatch, Response 1 for Default Response
    • Open Response 1 and remove the existing reponse and just have ${content} as value for response
    • In the script editor have the following script:


    /*This script reads the salesOrderNumber from request using xpath
    * and checks corresponding response xml file from
    * mockResponses directory of your soapui project location.
    * Also expects a soapFault.xml file in the same location
    * in order to send soap fault if no sales order number maches the
    * existing files.
    * For example, soapui project located under C:\soapuiProjects
    * create a subdirectory called mockResponses under above directory
    * Make sure all your mock response files for sales orders under
    * C:\soapuiProjects\mockResponses directory including soapFault.xml
    * Assuming that the soap response file extension is xml, not txt
    def groovyUtils = new def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder(mockRequest.requestContent) def soNumber = holder.getNodeValue("//*:BillingOrderLoadRequest/*:salesOrderNumber") def file = new File (groovyUtils.projectPath+"/mockResponses/${soNumber}.xml") def fileToLoad = 'soapFault' if (file.exists()) { fileToLoad = soNumber } context.content = groovy.xml.XmlUtil.serialize(new XmlParser().parse(groovyUtils.projectPath+"/mockResponses/${fileToLoad}.xml"))


    Sample soapFault.xml


    <Envelope xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">   
             <faultcode xsi:type="xsd:string">Client</faultcode>		 
             <faultstring xsi:type="xsd:string">Could not find the mock response file for the given sales order number</faultstring>		 




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      Rao, Thank you. However I am poor in groovy. Could you please help me with the script? If we get ordernumber as 1234 then we save the mock response in C:\users\order folder as 1234.txt
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        Sorry to hop in, but assuming you're happy to extract the file name from the mockRequest (using Groovy), then does the following give you what you need:


        1. In your mock action, create a new Mock MockResponse with dispatch type 'SEQUENCE' e.g. called 'default'


        2. In the MockResponse (default) add a script e.g.


        def fileName = "1234.txt" //Extract this value from the request (ask if you need help)
        def responseFileContent = new StringBuilder()
        File testDataFile = new File("/Users/test/$fileName") //Load file containing test data response
        testDataFile.eachLine {content, lineNumber ->
                  responseFileContent.append(content) //Add each line of test data file to a String
        mockResponse.responseContent=responseFileContent //Populate response body
        mockResponse.responseHttpStatus=200 //set status code (can also be done in UI)
        def headers = mockResponse.responseHeaders
        mockResponse.responseHeaders=headers //Headers can also be set in the UI

        Here is a screen shot:


        Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.07.25.png


        This should load and despatch the contents of the file /Users/test/1234.txt as the body of the mock response. All that should then be needed is for you to add some script before my script to set fileName to the value you want to extract from the mockRequest object (let me know if you need any help with this). Setting the responseHttpStatus and responseHeaders is optional, as it can be set in the Mock Response UI - I added it as it can be useful in the case where you want to conditionally simulate error / 404 / 500 statuses or respond with different content types!  


        Hope this helps,