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8 years ago

How to enable custom log for SOAP UI for each run

Hi ,


I enabled Http Logging by adding the following  to soapui-log4j.xml :


<appender name="FILE-HTTP" class="org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender">
        <errorHandler class="org.apache.log4j.helpers.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/>
     <param name="File" value="${user.home}/.readyapi/logs/ready-http.log"/>
        <param name="Threshold" value="DEBUG"/>
        <param name="Append" value="true"/>
        <param name="MaxFileSize" value="5000KB"/>
        <param name="MaxBackupIndex" value="50"/>
        <layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout">
            <param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d %-5p [%c{1}] %m%n"/>


<logger name="org.apache.http.wire">
        <level value="DEBUG"/>
        <appender-ref ref="FILE-HTTP"/>



This works when I run the test and logs all http information to the log at the location.


Issue :

1) This custom log now disables the http log in the SOAP UI Console

2) The log does not get created at the SOAP UI project folder , only at the given path.


What is the config change required to get the custom log at the project root level when run from the test runner?

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