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17 years ago

How to add Properties(Names) from a text file to Property step

I am new to soapUI,
Is there any way we can write a groovy to load the property names in a .txt, .property or in xml to the property step automatically.
I have some 100's of property to be transfer.
I have to add each property now manually by clicking on the add property panel.

Please help me out on this.

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    if your property-file is a "standard" property-file, you can use the "Load Properties" button in the properties-step window toolbar to load all properties and automatically add them.. otherwise a groovy script can of course be used as well.. use something like

    def prop =
    testRunner.testCase.testSteps["Properties"].addProperty( "myproperty" )

    prop.value ="myvalue"

    to create a property and set its value

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Ole,

    Thank you for your quick answar.
    I want to read the property names and value from a file and display in the Property step.
    Is there any way we can read from a xml file and assign it to property step?
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    can you show/attach the file you want to read so I can get a better idea?


  • Hi Ole,

    Thanks for you reply.
    I got the solution by adding the addProperty. 
    Thank you so much once again for your quick support.