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12 years ago

How to add multiple attributes for SAML2 Form?

Is it possible to add multiple attributes for SAML2 testing using the form based approach? It appears that only one attribute entry is supported.
I have a need to do testing with multiple attributes and I really would don't want to have to generate a SAML assertion manually unless that's the only choice.

We're running the SOAPUI tests in our TestNG runs and won't be able to generate the assertion manually. Unless, someone has code examples on how I can use the code in SOAPUI to generate a SAML assertion with multiple attributes?


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  • I've the same problem. I'm just trying right now... I need to set three attributes like this:

    <saml2:Attribute Name="urn:iarxiu:2.0:names:organizationAlias">
    <saml2:AttributeValue> XXX</saml2:AttributeValue>
    <saml2:Attribute Name="urn:iarxiu:2.0:names:fondsAlias">
    <saml2:AttributeValue> YYYY</saml2:AttributeValue>
    <saml2:Attribute Name="urn:iarxiu:2.0:names:member-of">
    <saml2:AttributeValue> ZZZ </saml2:AttributeValue>