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2 years ago

groovy script errors

running on MacBook Pro (M1) using Ventura 13.1 Soap UI 5.7.0 JDK version - openjdk version "19.0.1" 2022-10-18   Cannot get any groovy script to work, even a basic on as just this ”soa...
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    2 years ago

    Hello normgean 


    Are you copy/pasting that line from the internet or something into a groovy script test step?  I copied and pasted your example into a script and it failed for me too.  If I actually type that line in and run the script, I get an expected result of a log line being displayed. 


    If you are actually typing that value into a script, could you have changed fonts or something other than the default provided by SoapUI?  The double quote characters look a little odd to me on a Windows computer and that makes me wonder if there is some alternate character set involved and that is not an actual ASCII double quote.


    When I type it in myself and view the hexadecimal representation of what I typed in a separate code editor I get what I expect...   HEX 22 = double quotes character.  Your example for the " character yields a HEX 94 = right double quotation mark.  Maybe SoapUI does not interpret that correctly or it only expects HEX 22 variant of a double quotes character instead of HEX 94.