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4 years ago

Generating SoapUI request

Hi, I have no idea about XML and was asked to analyze data that I need to generate using SoapUI. Data analysis is ok but I am stuck on getting actual data 😕 I downloaded the SOAP but no idea how t...
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    4 years ago
    Hi krasnoludpauli,

    As a start off point use the 'New project' function in soapui to import the .wsdl file. Make sure you specify youre importing via the .wsdl when you do it.

    I cant comment on the customer number or 'mark' as i suspect this is peculiar to the Soap requests defined in the .wsdl. im guessing customer number is an .xml tag in your soapbody parent container tag that makes up part of your payload.

    In regards to the basic auth, once youve loaded in the .wsdl, navigate to each Soap request and then click on the 'Auth' tab. Select 'Basic auth' from the dropdown and then input the username and password you have.

    After youve got all the above sorted, i suggest you come back confirming your progress to then work out how you want to setup and parameterise your tests (which generally is defined by the functional and technical requirements of your SOAP Service).


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    4 years ago
    Visit SoapUi documentation.
    You may also find getting started video in youtube or in Smartbear resources.