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5 years ago

Execute the teststep - Read the excel sheet first value for single execution

Hi All,

In my excel sheet I have 10 values in one rows


While executing my teststep I need get first value only from excel sheet. after all testcase execution, while I am executing one more time that time need to get the second value from my excel sheet.


Normally datadriven approach while executing it will pass all the value in my first execution but I need to pass only one value in one execution


I need to achieve this from soapui with groovy scripting


I need your guidenece and reference too

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  • Hi samrayen2019 ,


    What you can do is fetch all the values from excel file one by one and don't use directly, first store those values in Properties Step and the use in TestStep.


    You can just change the number of iteration of FOR loop later on as how you want to use the values




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