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3 months ago

Encrypt passwords and master password?

Hi, I have two worrys about security 1. I see passwords from soap and rest requests are saved in plane text at the project.xml file. Is there a way to encrypt them? Any hacker who gains access to o...
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    3 months ago

    Hi emoya 

    SoapUI Open Source doesn't offer a built-in master password function like WinSCP - kindly try the below given other possibilities:

    Ø  Project Encryption wise SoapUI allows encrypting the entire project file.

    Go to File > Project > Encrypt Project. This adds a layer of security, but requires the password whenever you access the project.

    Ø  Consider dedicated password management tools like KeePass or LastPass. Store your SoapUI credentials securely in these tools and access them during test execution using scripts or integrations all satisfy the Separate Credential Storage mechanism.

    Best regards.