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4 years ago

Drag'n'drop WSDL



I often work with WSDL stored on various places on my disk, so I have to either browse or copy-paste directory a lot. Much more streamlined for me would be to just drag'n'drop the local WSDL file into Navigator pane or SoapUI window. The function would be pretty much the same, as New SOAP Project with Initial WSDL, all other settings would remain default (e.g. I can always add a TestSuite later).


I tried everything I thought of, but all I got is "unavailable"/"not allowed" cursor (crossed out circle). I didn't find any setting or option in SoapUI, how to achieve that.


Or it would be nice to at least be able to drag'n'drop a file into "file" field (like New SOAP Project > Initial WSDL), which would fill the absolute path of the dropped file.


Thank you.

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