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9 years ago

Do i have to sign my plugin from SoapUI 5.2.1 on?



i have cloned SoapUI form GitHub to test my plugin against the latest development branch. To my surpirse the plugin wasn't loaded anymore. An error message was shown in the log that the plugin was not loaded because it contains unsigned classes.

After digging into the code i found a which was newly introduced in September '15. This class is responsible for checking the signature of loaded plugin classes to a smartbear public certificate.


My questions so far:

Who is responsible for signing plugin jars from the community?

How does this align to the idea of open source?


Any discussion is very welcome.




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      thanks for that link. But it did not help me much.


      I already have a developed a plugin. You can find it on GitHub ( and it is listed on the page you linked to.


      I have developed against SoapUI OS 5.2.0 with no problems. When running the same plugin inside SoapUI OS 5.2.1 i'm getting an error message, that the plugin could not be loaded, because it is not signed by Smartbear.


      09:01:50,412 ERROR [SoapUI] An error occurred [The plugin '/Users/hos/.soapuios/plugins/ready-websocket-plugin.jar' has unsigned class files.], see error log for details

      Please see also this Pull request on GitHub .


      Any ideas about that.




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        Hi Hschott,


        As far as I know some changes with the plugin manager were implemented in SoapUI 5.2.1.  Since that, only SmartBear-made plugins can work with the new manager.

        I can suggest the following options for you:

        1. You can send your plugin at Our team will review it and add to the product.
        2. You can consider moving to SoapUI NG - user-made plugins are allowed here. SoapUI NG is the newest SoapUI version and it is included into Ready! API.
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    Having same problem SoapUI version 5.3.0.

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      Unfortunately, SmartBear does not sign plugin JARs anymore, so it looks like SoapUI OS does not support custom plugins currently. Not sure if they have some plans for doing that in future.