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16 years ago

Default socket timeout


Does anyone know what the default value is for the socket timeout?  Every once in awhile, some of my web service tests timeout due to how busy the system is.  I would like to increase this value to avoid this problem.  I know you can set this value in the Preferences under HTTP Settings, but I would like to know what the default is so that I can pick an appropriate value.  I also noticed that you can set it at the Test Case level as well.

I'm using version 2.5.1.

Dean Eshleman,
MMA, Inc.

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    Hi Dean,

    The default value for socket timeout is 60 seconds.
    If you need to increase it, check out File->Preferences->HTTP Settings->Socket Timeout

    I hope this will be of help to you and your overwhelmed server.

    /Nenad Nikolic a.k.a. Shonzilla
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    Thanks for the response.  This is helpful information.  Is it documented in the User Guide somewhere?  I couldn't find it if it is.

    Dean Eshleman,
    MMA, Inc.
  • It is, here. But it would certainly be more useful if it were linked from other places in the documentation where it's relevant
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      On your link I don't see the default value mentioned.

      Ideally it would be printed in the popup that appears in the prefererences dialog when hovering over this setting.