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6 years ago

Creating XSD from WSDL

Hi, I am using SOAPUi 5.4.0. I have a WSDL file and need to generate xsd files from the wsdl. I read in another website forum that it is possible to generate an xsd from WSDL by below steps. So I followed the same -

1) Creating a 'new SOAP project'

2) Give 'project name' and 'initial WSDL'.

3 Once loaded, navigate to the 'WSDL Content'

4) Use the last icon under the tab 'WSDL Content' : 'Export the entire WSDL and included/imported files to a local directory'.

But, unfortunately this only generates a WSDL file. No other files including XSD files are generated. What could be wrong?


Req is urgent. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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