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4 years ago

Client Certificatates with DOD Common Access Cards

Has anyone successfully configured SOAP UI to use access an API with a DOD-issued common access card?

This is possible in ReadyAPI, but I have not been successful via SOAP UI, and not all of our developers have licenses for Ready API (and they will not be getting them either).

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    Hey dartmanx

    I havent experience of DOD CACs, but im a Brit and that's a U.S. thing, right? But i'm wondering what the problem is with SoapUI. I use both ReadyAPI! and SoapUI and am struggling to identify why you cant get it working in you use the licensed functionality im ReadyAPI! for your testing?


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      The reason it works in ReadyAPI is because ReadyAPI provides a checkbox to use the Windows Certificate Store in the SSL preferences.

      I've spent hours trying to make SOAP UI work with only a keystore.jks with no success.