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5 years ago

BSP Compliant

Hi.  I am hoping this is an easy question.

In soapUI Pro, part of ReadyAPI1, under Auth Security>>WS-Security Config>>Outgoing WS-Security Confirmation I have an x509 entry configured with 'Signature'.  For 'Signature', there is a 'BSP Compliant' entry that we have enabled.  In soapUI 5.5.0, the 'BSP Compliant' entry doesen't seen to exist.  Does it exist in soapUI 5.5.0?  My request is being returned but with 'A security error was encountered when verifying the message' error in soapUI 5.5.0, but works in soapUI Pro.  If you're wondering, ReadAPI! is on a secure desktop that doesn't travel.  I do basic work on my laptop using soapUI, then update the beast (aka secure desktop).  My process worked well until I upgraded to Windows 10 and had to reload soapUI.

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