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3 years ago

Best way to clone a project

I have a working SOAPUI project; let's call it project-A.   There are changes in the far-end server which require extensive changes in the soap requests.   I like to clone project-A, calls it projec...
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    3 years ago
    Hey Mis3,

    The way i do this is to "save as" 'project A', calling it 'project A new'.

    I then "save as" 'project A' again, but this time i save as the original filename as 'project A' (so i'm essentialluly renaming/overwriting 'project A' again.)

    I then import project, and import the 'project A new' file.

    The 'project A new' appears in my project list and i then rename the project to 'project A new'.

    Thats it. I then have 2 duplicate projects in my navigator frame. One entitled 'project A' and one entitled 'project A new'


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    3 years ago

    Done and it worked.