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13 years ago

Adding assertions automatically to a test case

I have about 7 assertions I would like added to a test case every time I create a test. Is there any way to have SoapUI do this automatically? I hate the idea of having to do this manually every time.

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    I believe you are trying to add assertions to test step right? Either way, i don't think soap ui has any functionality to add certain assertions automatically. You can however run a groovy script from within a test case or like a start up script to add assertions that you need to all the desired test steps in same test case or multiple test cases. There is already another topic discussing how to do this. Maybe you can get some pointers from there.

    Here is the link:

    Deepesh Jain
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      Since this topic has been opened few years ago, I would like to know if peoples have some new tips to be able to do the described case :automatically add assertion when creating a new soap request.