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3 years ago

401 Not Authorized error in soapUI but web service works perfect in Postman.

As the title states, when I send a request from soapUI to an SAP web service I am returned with an XML that contains a "401 Nicht autorisiert" error message in it. Since it is an SAP web service, I do have to input credentials when I create the new project, but those are the only credentials I have input before running the project.


With the same credentials, I am able to create a request and not receive an error message when I use the Postman interface. 


Could this be an issue with the web service configuration, or is this an authorization issue with soapUI?


Please see the pictures below to see examples.  

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    Hey davidlan,

    I couldnt see any embedded images or attachments, but i do the same thing whenever i get different results in postman relative to soapui/readyapi.

    There is a possible shortcut cos the issue is auth related, but the following procedure works for all postman/soapui inconsistent results scenarios.

    Mostly ive found that the reasons why it works in postman but not in soapui is typically reflected by the RAW details, especially in the http headers. So, what i always do is as follows:

    1. Submit the request in postman, capture and save the RAW details (thats full URL (URI and the host), payload (if there is one) and the full list of http headers) for later comparison.

    2. Run the equivalent request in soapui/readyapi and again save the full RAW details for comparison. Compare the details and identify the differences. As i say above, more often than not ive found this issue typically relates to headers. So you should compare the headers from the postman/soapui request and focus carefully on the differences...the reason for the inconsistent handling will be due to one or more of these differences.

    Shortcut: it sounds like your auth might be basic auth or similar. With this in mind, have a look at the 'Authorization' header's value in your postman request. View the soapui headers and check there is an 'Authorization' header and double check the header's value is identical to the postmans requests Authorization header. It probably wont be and you need to fix the reason for the difference to get your soapui request to work.