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4 years ago

You site and readpi sucks big time

You have been so good a decade ago.. now everything suck's, 


your registration page to dowload has failed, it say please weight, immediately returns to start trail

forgot password, does have option to reset the password, if we know the userid.


Your product download size is appx 560 mb, much bigger than intellij.. you must having lot of crap.


as expected it is so slow to start and use it even on 24 gb machine..


It is very clear to me now this product is developed and maintained by some offshore services company..

If you don't fix #techdebt, you are gone as product.. trust me. alternatives are much lighter

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    Hi nagkumar 


    Your product download size is appx 560 mb, much bigger than intellij.. you must having lot of crap.

    Please don't try to fool us.

    IntelliJ Community Edition 2020.2 for example is 587Mo.


    as expected it is so slow to start and use it even on 24 gb machine.

    You shouldn' know that you can modify SoapUI settings for getting advantage of your 24Go memory ?

    Please have a look here:


    trust me. alternatives are much lighter

    Please tell me more about alternatives, it's a real subject (but don't speak about Postman 😉)


    Hope to read you soon.




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      Hey nagkumar,

      Concur with ZDGN......if you have criticisms to make then do so and back up your statements with evidence.

      Part of my job when joining a new company i review various different api/integration testing (REST/SOAP/etc.) tools/clients and recommend the tool that matches the client's requirements.

      Typically when i start a new contract, one part of my role is that i review, compare and contrast Jmeter, soapui, readyapi, katalon api test tool, REST-assured, RESTSharp, Postman, Insomnia, internally developed tools (yes clients still try and do this despite how short sighted it is) and any other api test tool i havent had experience of that the client has heard of that wants me to investigate.

      After doing this comparitive analysis there are positives and negatives with all the tools/libraries listed above, however, over 2/3s of the time, readyapi is the tool of choice for these clients (and me personally....i purchase a personal copy of the readyapi license for my own laptop.)

      And no.....i dont work for Smartbear in any way at all. The above is just my opinion, but i think my opinion is valid considering ive done this comparitive analysis of all these different tools so many times before.


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    Not sure if you are trying the tool or using it for a while since you mentioned decade in the post and the userid says "New Contributor".

    If you are using it for so long, definitely the post should find in the right forum.

    I believe the Smartbear team do listen from customers from time to time or when the user finds issues and try to find solutions or come up their investigation or an internal issue ID when they accept the issue and no solution available at that moment.

    Hope your issues to be addressed as well.

    Like David suggested, one can change the jvm options depending on the usage like how many open projects and how big is each project. The machine has 24gb doesn't mean, ReadyAPI can use all of it unless it is configured.
    The suggestion is that close unrelated or unused projects all the time and keep open the one project which is currently being worked on.
    If project is too big, consider splitting.
    Always use command line to execute the tests, and limit UI to design and try it.

    With each release, lot of features being added, back log issues fixed. And as a software, possibility of some new issues. With that, the software foot print goes bigger. But its one time download and few extra mbs doesn't matter much or concern.

    If someone is facing an issue, then usually try to find solution by all means, by posting in different QA forums, such as stackoverflow, here, by contacting customer support etc.

    Many even use free tool for the features they needed and happily use it too. With a bit of groovy, possibilities are unlimited.

    With ReadyAPI, one would get premium features at the cost, but easiness and more productive. And not forget the access to customer support services and free educational trainings.

    Some times the URLs do broke. I read it as there are things updated as part of it broke, but it may be human error. I usually report to Admin when I notice such things. But one can report in forum too. The forum is much vibrant and active.

    Are there any of your issues posted here and not addressed?

    Hope you can post if any unresolved issues and hope those get addressed soon.