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9 months ago

Xpath Assertion with only Child gives 'null' instead of the value from the Child".


x-Path Assertion:

For a request with only one child the response is "null" as expected result instead of the value of the parent. See attached screenshot:
Ready Api Version 3.47.0 is being used.


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    Hey jlewi1 


    I can't attempt to reproduce right now - all my responses are in JSON, but I was gonna add in the Accept header to my requests to switch the response to XML, but literally as soon as made the header changes and I attempted to retrieve my response in XML instead of JSON, my DEV environment just dropped and it'll be tomorrow before it's back up (and I don't have a LOCAL to play with)


    In the meantime however, it's been a while since I worked with XPATH/XML, but I'll do my best. 


    First thing - I'm a little confused - you state in your post "For a request with only one child the response is "null" as expected result instead of the value of the parent."


    When you say "instead of the value of the parent" - I'm confused - there is no parent to the <Collection> tag - that is the containing tag for all other elements in your payload - i.e. in your screenshot - the <Collection> tag doesn't have a parent.


    Also - in regards to the assertion - it looks like it's asserting on the value of the <Collection> tag and reporting null because the <Collection> tag doesn't actually have a value - it's a container tag, so I'd expect it to report as null.  I admit, I am out of practice with XPATH/XML (i.e. I'd forgotten about the indices starting at 1 with XML, whereas they start with 0 with JSON), so I could be wrong - but I think the logic follows about the value of the <Collection> tag being null.


    I'm curious - if you have >1 record (e.g. 2) in the <Collection> tag - so the reported XPATH of the <Collection> tag would appear as //Collection[2] - what value is the auto generated expected result- are you saying it differs from null?


    OK - that's all I got right now!





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    your XPath expression:


    should really select the collection XML node.