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14 years ago


I'm a pro user. My company purchased a bunch of licenses, and I'm one of the users. I need to run SoapUI testcases from
within Selenium RC, basically from java class.

The example on the web page ... junit.html
shows how to run soaPUI TEST RUNNER for basic version, using WSDLProject. However, I included
pro version jar into my classpath, and it can't resolve WSDLProject. So per eclipse's suggestion, I changed it to wsdlprojectpro,
but it gives an error, looking for other parameters to wsdlprojectpro constructor.

So, the question number 1 is, if I want to run my soapui pro testcases from java, do I even need to do it as wsdlprojectpro?
If yes, that is, pro version has more choices, like reporting and DataSink teststep, then how do I go about it?

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