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6 years ago

working with re-usable test fragments: is this scenario supported with ReadyAPI?


currently we are evaluating ReadyAPI. One of our objectives is that we can work together (we = team of test engineers) on a central repository of test fragments. We already have been testing the Git implementation.


However one of the things related to that is that we want to achieve a central repository of testfragments in ReadyAPI. Which can be re-used in other (functional) tests. 


I have been able to clone a testcase into another testsuite, but this is not workable because changes being done in the orginal (testfragment) do not get adopted in the cloned version. 


We use Git/Github as version distribution system. That works for managing changes, however we need to have a solution for re-usability of testcases (or testfragments as we call them) in other testsuites (with maintaining changes).


Hope it's clear what I mean.