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2 years ago

With Ready API 3.44.0 and 3.44.1 connection to MS-SQL Database not working

In ReadyAPI 3.44.0 and 3.44.1 I try to configure a database connection I have following entry:
Name: MS

Connection string:jdbc:sqlserver://;encrypt=true;databaseName=AUT_Attu;integratedSecurity=true;trustServerCertificate=true;

When I test the connection with the green "run"-button, I get an error:
"Failed to get a connection for the specified properties; Dieser Treiber ist nicht für integrierte Authentifizierung konfiguriert. ClientConnectionId:db3dcc8b-f29d-4cc0-88ce-bde722c2b8f9"


With ReadyAPI 3.43.0 and bevor - same project - same settings - I do not have any issues at all to establish a connection.

What can I do to fix my connection?