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7 years ago

When I run a TestComplete step from SoapUI Pro it starts TC x86. How do I force it to start TC x64?

I'm using the latest ReadyAPI 2.4.0 SoapUI Pro version.
The TestComplete step opens TestComplete x86 but I Wan't it to open TestComplete x64.


I have not found out how to do that. The only option available for chosing Test runner is TestComplete 12.


Is there a way to make The Test runner to pick the x64 version of TestComplete instead of x86?



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    From the question, assuming that you have x64 machine and have installed appropriate softwares (both ReadyAPI and TestComplete). Otherwise, try the correct installer.

    Is it happening after any software upgrades?
    Did it ever worked earlier?

    Still having issue, then use below link to report the issue and get faster resolution