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6 years ago

Weird Results - Content-Length Header is NOT appearing but is generated in Postman



I have a GET request that retrieves a .csv file if I add '_format=csv' as  query parameter on my request.






I need to assert that the generated response returns a 'Content-Length' HTTP header as well as others.

For some reason the 'Content-Length' header is NOT being generated in the headers even  though the others are e.g. if I create an HTTP Header existence assertion for 'Content-Length' the assertion fails.


If I run exactly the same request in Postman - the Content-Length header is generated fine.


I'm pretty sure the problem is due to the fact that ReadyAPI! is trying to render the payload (the .csv content)


I've attached 3 images of the results - the RAW, the Outline and the XML (there is no output in the json tab).


Despite the fact that there appears to be a contentLength attribute in the Outline - if I try and assert on it or any of the 3 attributes in the Outline - I get a warning dialogue 'No match found in the current response'


If you look at the XML tab- you can see a contentLength attribute is displayed.


I know altering the prettyprint checkbox in the WSDL section does alter some of the rendering in the output (it inserts CDATA wrappers into dodgy xml) - but this isn't working.


Essentially I just need to assert the Content-Length header is present - and there's currently no way to do this in ReadyAPI that I can tell - although I can see the header in postman fine.


Is anyone very familiar with the display settings in ReadyAPI! that may help?


Thanks to all!





I'm wondering if there is a display/rendering option that I can alter - so that the 

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    The images are from the response. However, you like to verify the headers, right? Please check the headers tab for the response.
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      Hey nmrao 


      Sorry I wasn't clear - I was supplying the payload response tabs to show that the Content-Length header is being represented in some weird way via the Outline and XML tabs - but it isn't listed in the RAW (which lists headers and body). - the Content-Length header IS NOT present - despite the fact that it appears to be generated in the payload in some way.


      I've embedded a screenshot of the headers below - the 'Content-Length' isn't displayed - but it is displayed if I submit the same request in Postman....???







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        From your posts, content length is part of response, but does not seem to be part of headers. If that is expected in the headers, then check with your team.