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7 years ago

Website testing

Hi, I'm a new user to Soapui and have a question regarding testing websites.

So it will be basic testing (ie just hitting various pages / links on this website)

However my first test is to ensure I am able to login successfully to this website. 

Is this kind of testing available to the open source version of SoapUI or does one require the pro version installed?

Thank you so much.



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    Why are you even using SOAP UI for this?

    Its sounds like UI testing.

    SOAP UI is used for web service back end tests

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    Thank you for your reply. It is currently our only tool we have for testing. In fact this was somehow setup as I’m going through old test packs and this was created (for just that yes, UI tests) I cant get it to work my side though, but I’m using the open source software and I’m wondering if that is my issue ?  


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      No, that is not the issue.

      Use right tool for the right job. Web application testing, there are multiple opensource tools also available. Just try google.

      Of course, you can invoke the UI tests from SoapUI's groovy script test step.