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4 years ago

Valid HTTP code assertion doesn't provide what is expected and what is actual

In readyapi when i use Valid HTTP code assertion, when its failed due to mismatch with the response code why don't it gives you what is expected and what is actual.

For example: if i am expecting a return code of 201 and its returning 200, readyapi gives me the following responses

"Response status code 200 is not acceptable list of status codes"

but if they provide with actual and expected , it will be easy to understand.

"Response status code  is :200 , doesn't match with the expected "201"

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    If the default functionality is not what you are looking for, you can write script assertion for the same and display your customized message.
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      Thats pain, i recommend smartbear to have  expected and actual displayed in the test result.

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      sonya_m - Can the OP's expectation be made a feature? It seems like a minor change, but I'm not sure.