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15 years ago

Using soapUI-Pro-x64 clarification

I needed some help in uninstalling x64 soapui on a windows 64 bit system.
Do I need to first install the 64 bit JRE/JDK? If yes, where can I get this?
Since my machine already has JRE/JDK, how do I know which JDK/JRE(32 vs 64) is soapUI using.

the memory (Xmx) needs to be increased in testrunner.bat if I am calling soapUI from command line ?
does the value of Xmx matter ?



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    SoapUI will use the bundled JRE by default, unless you have edited the files to do otherwise.

    You only need to increase the memory if you are getting slow performance from SoapUI, it really depends on the setup of your computer.

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    If you have installed soapUI with installer you should be able to run uninstaller to uninstall it. Same version of Java used to install it should be able to uninstall it. If you need 64bit Java, if you run 64bit OS you should use it, you can get it from To run Java programs you need only JRE, if you are developer you need JDK,  which comes with JRE.
    There are two ways knowing which Java is used by soapUI:
    1. inspect PATH and JAVA_HOME
    2. start soapUI go Help->System Properties and search for "" property. If its value is 32 than it uses 32 bit Java, if it is 64 than it uses 64 bit Java.
    Regarding Xmx, this is a value for maximum memory that will be allocated for use for starting Java process. I suggest you change its value according a size of soapUI project and memory available.

    If this does not help you, can you tell us what is a nature of your problem. You can not find uninstaller or you get some errors?

    Hope this helps,