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2 years ago

Use current teststep name to trigger event


how can I trigger a testRunListener.beforeStep event on the condition of the current teststep's name? The purpose is to skip the execution of the teststep if the custom executeStep property is not matching expectation.


I tried to enter the teststep's name simply into the target column, but this doesn't work. 



I also tried to check the condition in the script part, but it doesn't work either:



def teststep = context.getCurrentStep().getLabel() 
def executeStep = context.expand( '${Properties#executeStep}' ) 




 Can you give me a hint?

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    ok, just found in the error logs, that script failed because of missing bracket, with correction it works:



    .. but I still wonder if it's possible to put this condition as the event's target, something like:

    ${context.getCurrentStep().getLabel()} = "testStepName"

    If this is possible, what would be the correct spelling?

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    May be that should be done at test case level to skip the test step.