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3 years ago

Unexpected template element in a request

Hi there,
I've noticed strange behavior of readyAPI (3.9.0 (license) at Big Sur 11.5.2 (20G95)). I haven't entered a highlighted template entry. It occurred after a new day start the readyAPI. A deleted highlighted entry in API request updates dependent test step. Saving all project. Restarting readyAPI. All is Okay. But the next day after starting the readyAPI I have the entry again. It looks like some sort of backup specifically cancels saved changes for this issue. .. The API has been imported from a Postman collection.
How to avoid the issue?

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    The issue appears each time when a copied resource from Postman pasted into a readyAPI APIs definition field :
    Once pasted (and doesn't matter it is corrected or not in readyAPI)  it will appear in the request each time you start readyAPI. The problem is double curved brackets.
    How to fix this without a resource deletion in order to not lose the dependent test steps?