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5 years ago

Unable to create same assertion for JSON Path for same project in Ready API and SOAP UI

Hi All,   I have successfully created a suite for REST API in SOAP UI.When I tried executing the Request with assertion as "$id" and when clicking on Test I got "SUCCESS- Response matches the Con...
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    5 years ago

    Hi varnikha 


    I can't see a way around this other than to recreate the assertion in ReadyAPI! that works in SoapUI but doesnt in ReadyAPI!


    Essentially if you click on the id attribute and select the 'Assert' >> 'Content' - you will generate your JSONPath Match Assertion form.  The bit in the JSONPath Expression field is the problem.  


    Currently the assertion is displaying $id in the JSONPath Expression field - but it needs to display $['id']


    If I create an assertion on an attribute that is at the root of an equivalent .json response I have - it generates $['id']


    If I delete the square brackets and quote marks so it reads $id - then I generate the 'InvalidPathException:Illegal character at position 1 expected '.' or [' error response


    As I say above - I cant see a way around this except to recreate the assertion on the 'id' attribute (and delete the existing failing assertion) in ReadyAPI! if you want it working in ReadyAPI! 


    Sorry I couldn't be more help - but that's the only way I see to get it running in ReadyAPI!