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6 years ago

Unable to capture HTML Acknowledgement || Linux Command line.

Hi Guys,i am running Soapui from command line in Linux, and is struggling to capture the acknowledgement that comes as  HTML:


I am able to capture the request and acknowledgement form the Soapui GUI after running in Windows.

Request: is attached

Acknowledgement: is attached



The Linux command line output generates an output file something like this:


Status: FAILED
Time Taken: 557
Size: 0
Timestamp: Fri Jul 06 23:23:23 NZST 2018
TestStep: Query Place

----------------- Messages ------------------------------ Connection reset

----------------- Properties ------------------------------
Encoding: UTF-8

---------------- Request ---------------------------
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:mes="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:touc="">
      <mes:MessageDiagnosticHeader URI="">

---------------- Response --------------------------
- missing response / garbage collected -



So here the response should be the HTML one saying that the portal is currently under maintenance.


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