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6 years ago

trigger and capture webhooks in ready api

I need to test a webhook payload and i'm not sure how to do it in ReadyAPI.  The instructions I've found use GitHub webhooks that have to be triggered manually outside of Ready API, and that seems to go against the idea of an automated test suite. 


In my scenario, I register for a webhook and I can use an API to trigger the event.  I don't see how I can create a test suite that will run a POST request to trigger the event, while also running the VirtResponse test step to capture the webhook response. 


If I put the POST first, the webhook has been triggered before the VirtResponse step has begun.  If I put the VirtResponse step first, then it times out before moving on to the POST.


What's the correct way to test webhook payloads in ReadyAPI?


Many thanks, Amy

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    As there's been over 40 views and still no replies on this, is there anywhere else I should post it so that someone in smartbear sees it?