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6 years ago

Transfer property from Run_test_step_1 to Run_test_step_2


I'm trying to pass a property value from one "Run" test step output to another "Run" test step input.

So let's say I have "Run_TestStep1" that returns properties "prop1" and "prop2".

I want to take this "prop1" and "prop2" values and send them to "Run_TestStep2" as inputs, so "Run_TestStep2" uses those values on run time as inputs.


I tried using groovy as follows:

def fundingSourceId = context.expand( '${Run_Create_PrePaid_Acc#fundingSourceId}' )
testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName("Run_Make_Payment").setPropertyValue("fundingSourceId", fundingSourceId)

def customerAccountId = context.expand( '${Run_Create_PrePaid_Acc#customerAccId}' )
testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName("Run_Make_Payment").setPropertyValue("customerAccountId", customerAccountId)

but this code is not working. My "Run_Make_Payment" runs with empty values for the properties I transferred using groovy code.


Please, help.



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